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Throat infection

Launched or under launch (2013-2015): France, Australia, Colombia, Czech Republic + Slovakia, Denmark, Dubai, Egypt, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Malaysia, Middle East, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey…

Throat Infections

30mL adult or 20mL kid Sprays For the treatment of Throat Infections
(Official Indication) Preventive &/or Curative

Physiopathology: Influenza virus can attach to the throat cell surface through Glycoproteins (GPs) such as the Hemagglutinin & Neuraminidase (H1N1, H6N9), but cannot enter into the cells without the help of some topically available proteolytic enzymes (proteases) which break the cell membrane. Once inside the cells, the virus multiplies, & millions of new virus particles are liberated on the throat surface. They attack new cells, weaken local defenses, facilitate secondary bacterial growth, and generate clinical signs of the flu. In the absence of preventive or curative topical anti-virals, only symptomatic treatments are currently used.

Currently available treatments: Topical anti-virals: None; Preventive drugs: None; Symptomatic: >100 (9/10 OTCs in pharmacies)

Ideal Treatment Approach: Prevent the infection during the 1st 3 days of exposure.
If too late: neutralize surface virus to stop infection + block virus entry + remove bacterial contamination.

VITROBIO‘s Completely NEW therapeutic Approach: Protein Hypothesis as Topical Anti-Virals.
As virus GPs & proteases are proteins in nature and as certain plant tannin fractions (PCDs) have a strong affinity for proteins, Vitrobio conducted 15 years of research to identify specific PCDs capable of binding with these protein structures. Blocking virus attachment & virus entry-enhancing mechanisms should stop virus infection (Ref: Vitrobio new anti-viral hypothesis – Shrivastava et al: Int. J. Virology, ISSN 1816-4900 / DOI: 10.3923/ijv.2011).
These PCDs were incorporated into a glycerol-based viscous liquid, 18 times more osmotically active than sea water yet NONIRRITANT (International patent 1997: PCT/FR99/01340). A new patent on the film retention properties of this solution was recently filed (N° PCT/EP2013/061835). PHARYSOL instantly forms a film on the throat surface, creates a strong outward flow of
hypotonic liquid detaching instantly all the microbial & other contaminants from the surface. Simultaneously, specific PCDs conjugate with viral GPs & proteases to stop further infection, reducing the need for antibiotherapy.
PHARYSOL acts as an instant topical anti-viral, antiseptic, preventive or curative, throat-cleaning film.

Product Presentation: 30 or 20mL Sprays
Posology: 4-5 sprays per application, 3-4 times a day or more if necessary, until complete recovery.
Regulatory Status: Due to the mechanical topical filmogen activity without any pharmacological, biological, metabolic or immunological interaction with the cellular structure: Class I Medical Device in Europe.
Contraindications: Not to be used in pediatric population under 3 years of age.
Side Effects: Slight tingling sensation during the first 20-30 seconds following application.
Clinical Efficacy: Full trial published in J. Clinical Trials, 2011, 1:1; DOI: 10.4172/jctr.1000102.

Conclusion: 1st topical Anti-Viral Instant Preventive or Curative
Spray to treat Viral Throat Infections