A new generation of cleaning, protective & protease inhibitor

Sore Throat(Fervex Adult and child) Decrease virus and bacteria + Pain instant relief
Dry cough(Hexatoux) Reduce bacteria, inflammation and contaminants. Increase hydration + Rapid recovery
Wet cough Sticky cough + Bacteria + Inflammation
Bedsore(Antiscar) Increase hydration, oxygenation, cell growth. Reduce pain, bacteria and contaminants
Sinusitis(Nasal spray) Increase sinus drainage. Reduce pain, contaminants and infection
Blocked nose(Nasal spray - Fervex / Humer) Reduce contaminants, bacteria, virus. Improve respiration
Allergy(Nasal spray) Reduce histamine, cytokines and IgE. Improve nasal protection against allergens
Bacterial vaginosis(And infection) Improve hydratation. Reduce contaminants. Balanced vaginal flora and pH
Oral Mucositis Reduce proteolytic enzymes & chemicals, Pain, Irritation. Improve healing,
Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis(Gel) Improve cell growth and balanced skin physiology
Hemorrhoids(Gel) Reduce oedema and Inflammation. Improve regression.
Labial Herpes(Gel) Improve hydratation and healing. Reduce virus, MMPs and pain
Migraine(Food supplement) Synergic association of plants and vitamins

European PAEXA Award
for in-vitro research

Vitrobio holds fifteen national and international patents.

The company is the recipient of the European PAEXA award for its scientific research on cells. In-vitro research allows us to test our scientific hypotheses without resorting to animal experiments.

Prince Louis de Polignac Award,
by french academy of science

In 1999, the laboratory was awarded by the prestigious French Academy of Science. The research on several pathologies without real treatment have allowed this reward. Since then Vitrobio continues to increase its research to improve results. By 2016 its scientific advances have allowed the laboratory to be nominated to receive the remarkable distinction of the Galien award.