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NESOSPRAY-KIDS : treatment for rhinosinusitis

NESOSPRAY KIDS is an innovative nasal spray designed for the treatment of rhinosinusitis, rhinitis, and nasal congestion in children over 3 years old. It works by creating a filmogenic liquid bandage on the nasal mucosal surface, providing hydration, cleansing, and reducing contaminants and pro-inflammatory proteins through osmotic action. Clinical trials have shown a 20% reduction in nasal congestion within 2 hours.  

Clinical trial

Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial


This product is intended for kids (+3)


Treatment of sinusistis and rhinosinusitis (common cold)


NESOSPRAY KIDS , a pioneering solution specifically designed for the treatment of rhinosinusitis, rhinitis, and nasal congestion in children over 3 years old. This product is a nasal spray in a convenient 15 ml format, designed for easy application and optimal delivery of the active components.

Mode of action

Protective Barrier Effect

NESOSPRAY KIDS works by creating a filmogenic liquid bandage on the nasal mucosal surface. This protective barrier shields the nasal mucosa from further irritation or infection, providing an immediate layer of defense.

Osmotic Action

The spray also exerts an osmotic action, which attracts fluids towards the exterior, helping to massively unblock congested sinuses. This osmotic action also cleanses the nasal mucosa by effectively drawing out contaminants, debris, and pro-inflammatory proteins such as cytokines and interleukins. This dual action of unblocking and cleansing provides immediate relief and creates a clean environment conducive to healing.

Cellular Repair and Growth Effect

With the nasal mucosa now in a clean and protected state, the healing process can effectively begin. The spray promotes cell growth and repair, allowing the nasal mucosa to regenerate and regain its integrity. This restoration of the nasal mucosa is crucial for long-term relief from rhinosinusitis, rhinitis, and nasal congestion.

Clinical Trial

The effectiveness of NESOSPRAY-E Kids spray has been evaluated in a randomized, double-blind clinical trial against a placebo, conducted over 2 weeks with 20 patients. The trial included patients with rhinosinusitis, encompassing all symptoms related to this condition.

The main results of the trial were highly promising. There was a 20% reduction in nasal congestion within 2 hours after application.

See full publication (PDF)

The NESOSPRAY as well as saline solution nasal washes reduced rhinosinusitis symptoms, but the reduction was much faster and stronger in the test group compared to the comparator group. Nearly 50% of symptomatic relief was seen within 3 days with test product vs 10 days to 15 days for saline solution and all the patients in the test product group recovered by day 15. Compared to 40% of children in the comparator group, no patients in the test product group required rescue antibiotics therapy. Both products were non-irritant and safe as no adverse effects were observed.

Product Details

  • Indication: Filmogen liquid bandage for the treatment of rhinosinusitis, rhinitis, and nasal congestion in children.
  • Composition: Filmogenic glycerol, solagum, water, association of Vaccinium macrocarpon, Vaccinium myrtillus, Sambucus nigra, Ribes nigrum, and Potassium, Sodium, Citric Acid.
  • Presentation: Nasal spray 15ml.
  • Class: Current certification: MDD Class I | Certification in progress: MDR Class IIa.
  • Direction: Apply 2 sprays in each nostril, 2-3 times a day.
  • Precautions: For topical use only (nasal cavity).
  • Age: 3+.
  • Storage conditions: Below 25°C.
  • Legal manufacturer: VITROBIO (France).
  • Product code: NSE.